How to choose a business name on your own

//How to choose a business name on your own

How to choose a business name on your own

Most folks find it challenging to come up with unique new company names and new product names. If you are experiencing the same, you should consider a creative business name generator that will help you choose a business name fit for your company or brand. A simple web search can land you to the best business branding tools. If you are lucky enough to get a captivating name which has not previously been used, look if the dot-com domain for the same is also available. Most free business name generators can help you achieve that. Below are a few methods that can be of assistance when you want to come up with an intriguing new business name.

1. Come up with at least seventy keywords for your online store name ideas

To come up with a compelling business name, you need to brainstorm and come up with as many keywords as possible. You can use and keep writing them down until you have about seventy of them.

2. Look for jests, platitudes, and homonyms of the items before you choose a business name

Start by merging words, altering them a little and jotting down any new ideas that come up. Be keen on assonance, acronyms, rhyming and complementary notions. If you are creative enough, you can be sure that no other business branding tools can match your ingenuity.

3. For you to become a creative business name generator, eliminate the absurd ideas

You can use your pen to cancel the undesirable suggestions. Use your friends and employees as your audience and say the names out loud. Cross off any name that is hard to pronounce or spell. It is essential to reject words that your intended customers are likely to respond to negatively or send the wrong message.

4. Narrow down to about five options from which to choose a business name

Start by imagining the options left on billboards and advertisements. Try saying them on the phone and picture them on a website. Eliminate those that you don’t feel comfortable with. Choose your personal favorite if more than one option remains. 

5. Lastly, check if the name has been registered in your local authority. Choose a business name that has not been previously used

If the name you have selected has already been trademarked, you need to come up with another one. It would be wise to choose a business name that is unique and has a domain name, especially for online store name ideas.

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